Antoine Timmermans is Cybersissy


Antoine Timmermans is Cybersissy

Antoine was born 1964 in the dutch city Tilburg, where he still lives.
He studied art at three academies in the Netherlands, one of them in Den Haag, where he was spotted shopping Professors looking for customized training.

In 1988 he graduated as bachelor of arts. Soon his art was recognized by his hometown and supported through a number of awards and specific grants to allow him to work independently and strive in his profession.

He designed sets for five different childrens theatre productions and got nominated for the flanders childrens theatre price.
Solo-exhibitions showed his paintings in Dilbeek, Brussels, Lithoijen and Tilburg.

In 1994 he added a new line of work to his flourishing talents and started designing costumes, props and stage sets for the "Club Fuck" in Tilburg. At around this time he invented his stage-persona CYBERSISSY and started developing her unique looks. He also worked for the famous "It"-club in Amsterdam, the "Roxy" and the "Danssalon" in Eindhoven. Subsequently he landed a permanent asignment at the"Danssalon", making him head of the "entertaintment group": A wild bunch of performers consisting of transvestites, dragqueens and dragkings. Here he staged performances and designed stage-outfits for 2 years at this party phenomena.

In the meantime he created a new format for DutchMusicChannel Tmf. a plattform to give new DJs a first stage on a european music tv-channel.

Two years later, ever the restless artist looking for new challenges, he left the Netherlands to mix up the german party scene. Dawnproductions GmbH in Cologne called upon his talents for the "funky chicken club", the "Crystal Crash" and gay parties at the then famous club "Lulu".

And here, at the Cologne club "Lulu" he met his future counterpart Mourad. An encounter, that would change the course of both their lives and that would lead to the creation of Mourads stage-persona "BayBjane"!
Together Cybersissy and BayBjane were the perfect team to rock the stages at clubs all over Europe: in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain.

Now it seems, that BayBjane is the busier one of both of them, touring the club-stages from London to Ibiza, working on his own music, while Antoine prefers to be more home-bound, creating all those striking costumes and elaborate wig designs. But when an international club calls for Cybersissy, and something new is to be explored, he is back on stage.