Mourad Z. is BayBjane


Mourad Z. is BayBjane

Mourad Z. is BayBjane

Mourad was born in 1979 in Bonn / Germany as a child of Moroccan parents. Mourad was physically disabled from birth and handycapped and spent many years in German hospitals, later in special homes for disabled people.

But Mourad wanted to live his own life, so he left the home for disabled people and started a new life in Cologne. Meeting the dutch performer Antoine here, at the famous gay club "Lulu", turned out to be a door to a new life and into a degree of independency and recognition nobody would have thought being available to someone like Mourad.

Antoine was intrigued with his new acquaintance and created for Mourad his new stage-persona "BAYBJANE" ! This was in 2000. Since then Cybersissy & BayBjane have worked and performed together in nightclubs all over Europe as well as in New York City.

The new invented BAYBJANE took her first steps at the legendary "Funky Chicken Club" in Cologne. But "Café de Paris"and "Salvation" in London followed. Quickly she became one of the most popular national and international party-performance-artists around. Shows all over the globe at the hippest clubs and cameo appearances in music videos like Paffendorf's "Where Are You", Eric D. Clark's "Another Night, Another Disco", Beatsteaks "Cut Off The Top" and Austin Howard's "Big Bubbles, No Troubles" are proof of her uniqueness and versatility.

Today BAYBJANE, (at 148 cm the "smallest drag queen of the world"), seems to be more busy than her mentor and counterpart: 2008 was her first season on Ibiza, " give this island the much needed wake-up call!"...must have been what came to DJ Sven Väth's mind, when he bumped into this special creature and immediately booked her for "Cocoon", the leading Ibiza party of 2008. Other temples of religious party worship like "Matinée", "La Troya" and the "Space" club soon followed the lead.

In 2009 she returned to all these clubs…and BAYBJANE became the first official worldwide mascot of the legendary "Pacha"-club. Since then David and Cathy Guetta, Campino from the "Toten Hosen" and Fedde Le Grand have become avid fans and are beloved colleagues.

In the meantime BAYBJANE has moved to Berlin (the secret laboratory of future party life) and expanded her colourful business into producing her own music and taking part in the "Dreckqueen" project of collegue Cybersissy, while simultaneously taking singing lessons. Who would be surprised, if this multi-talent were to land a dance-floor hit? Certainly not BayBjane herself! Probably she'd perform her hit-track at her own fashion-show...